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Curriculum XXII:
Clinical Challenges in ART
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Learning Objectives

After participating in this educational activity, the learner should be able to:
  • Evaluate embryo development for optimal freezing/thawing
  • Describe process of vitrification
  • Assess process of warming
  • Summarize clinical outcomes of egg freezing
  • Identify maternal medical conditions that are prohibitive to pregnancy
  • Discuss common conditions that are associated with increased maternal and fetal risks
  • Outline strategies to reduce pregnancy risks
  • Review male reproductive endocrinology and sperm production
  • Discuss current state-of-the-art strategies for the evaluation and treatment of the infertile male
  • Identify elements of risk In frozen donor egg banks
  • Explain the elements of compliance with ASRM recommendations
  • Assess the role of the FDA in the oversight of egg banks
  • Identify the magnitude of obesity and its impact on infertility
  • Review maternal and fetal complications associated with obesity
  • Summarize medical and surgical options for the obese infertile patient

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