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Annual REI Nursing Congress
Scientific & Therapeutic Approaches To Assisted Reproductive Technology
August 3-5, 2017
Renaissance Las Vegas
Las Vegas, NV
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The Annual REI Nursing Congress: Scientific & Therapeutic Approaches To Assisted Reproductive Technology (StartARTSM) provides a unique and comprehensive educational opportunity for IVF nurses, featuring critical updates on the latest advances in reproductive medicine from procedures and protocols to bioethical and legal issues, and breakthroughs in stem cell and genetics research. The goal of this annual congress is to provide late-breaking information, cutting-edge techniques, and best practices to improve ART outcomes. This goal is enhanced by the unique contributions that IVF nurses make to the field of reproductive medicine through their skills, compassion, and caring.

Learning Objectives

After attending this educational congress, the attendee should be able to:
  • Distinguish strategies for selecting stimulation protocols according to responder types to optimize outcomes
  • Describe challenges and management issues associated with advanced parental age
  • Discuss the impact of disease and treatment strategies for endometriosis on reproductive potential
  • Identify advances in oocyte cryopreservation for donor egg banking
  • Review progress in male reproductive medicine
  • Explain breakthroughs in chromosomal screening and imaging that improve IVF outcomes
  • Demonstrate how innovation in ultrasound imaging may increase accuracy of patient and fetal assessments
  • Debate current bioethical and legal issues encountered in ART practice
  • Examine concepts and progress in stem cell research
  • Assess advances and current guidelines for PGS/PGD

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