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Clinical Advances in Immune-directed Therapies: Expert Insights and Case Challenges in MS
An Independent Pre-Forum CME/CNE Satellite Symposium Presented at ACTRIMS 2019 Forum
Thursday, February 28, 2019
Hilton Anatole
Dallas, TX
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Recent advances in the field of immunology and the increasing recognition of inflammation are re-shaping the conceptualization of multiple sclerosis (MS), with potential implications of new agents within the current landscape of treatment options. This CME/CNE symposium featuring expert clinicians and researchers will provide expert insights and emerging evidence in immune-directed strategies for MS. Their presentations and cases will describe the rationale for immune system reset along with supporting clinical evidence, and identify risks and benefits of current and emerging DMTs, including understanding of complications (i.e., infections, malignancy potential) that can result from those treatments, as well as strategies for optimizing sequencing of therapies in individualized MS patient care.

Learning Objectives

After participating in this accredited satellite symposium, the learner should be able to:
  • Describe critical advances and emerging immune-directed therapies that will change the therapeutic approach to MS;
  • Review the immunologic rationale, safety, and clinical efficacy of supporting an immune system reset;
  • Identify clinical considerations when evaluating risks and benefits in deciding on DMT therapy;
  • Summarize the concept of immunosenescence and the importance of vigilance in monitoring the risk of infections especially in older MS patients;
  • Using real-world patient case challenges, discuss strategies to optimizing drug sequencing/therapeutic escalation, as well as ongoing safety monitoring and AE management of patients with RMS.

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